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Dunedin Double

Flying Nun Records


Limited Edition Record Store Day Release featuring The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, Verlaines and The Stones.

In 1982, those four bands from the southern outpost each recorded a side for a double 12" EP pack that, while actually untitled, was referred to as the Dunedin Double

Recorded over two weekends in damp New Zealand, South Island flats on a portable 4 track, the Dunedin Double was distinctly lo-fi and in tune with the do it yourself ethic at the heart of the Flying Nun label. It got the world's attention and established the notion of the "Dunedin Sound", a phrase coined for the young bands that followed in the wake of The Clean, and an influence which carries on to indie-pop bands around the world today.

Not only was it untitled, it was an unusual format, with no set order and containing two 45rpm 12 discs. 

Artist: Various - The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, Verlaines + The Stones
Title: Dunedin Double
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat #: DUN1 / FNLP540
Year: 1982 - re-isused 2014
Format: 2 x 12"

Track List:

Side A: The Chills
1. Kaleidoscope World
2. Satin Doll
3. (Frantic) Drift
Side B: Sneaky Feelings
1. Pity's Sake
2. There's a Chance
3. Backroom
Side C: The Stones
1. Down and Around
2. See Red
3. Something New
4. Surf's Up
Side D: The Verlaines
1. Angela
2. Crisis After Crisis
3. You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves•À_•À_

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